About Us

Founded in 2018. Colour my Yoga is trying to spice up the life of the incredible world of yoga. 

Colour can be an expression of one's self. Through our clothing, accessories or the words we choose to use, we can be expressive and allow our personality to shine through. 

Colour My Yoga has a goal to offer clothing, mats, bags and accessories to encourage our customers to bend, walk, sit, talk and do their general 'yogaring' with colour. Colour is not literally what we see, but what it represents, to be bold, courageous, individual and true to your soul, your spirit, to you! We are currently sourcing products at an affordable rate, that will be shipped to your door step, so you can spice up the rainbow of your outfits, accessories and life.

We import our product from overseas, ship the directly to your door, so that you can miss out the middle man, lower your prices and enjoy the items. 

Our goal is to give back and support the yoga community. We offer 10% of all our profits on a monthly basis to a new charity and we hope to become involved in community events, bringing mindfulness, quality and inspiration to lives of others. 

Join our world, our journey and colour your world and the world of yoga. #colourmyyoga